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Information about Bremervörde

  • area in qkm: 150,15
  • population (per 12-31-2011): 18.679
  • highest point over sea-level: + 33,4 (forest "Höhne")
  • deepest point over sea-level: - 0,4 (meadows of Ostendorf)
  • length from the west to the east: ~ 12,50 km
  • length from the north to the south: ~ 20,50 km
  • geographical location: east length 9° 10'; north latitude 53° 30'
  • twin town: Barth in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany) and Krosno Odrzánskie (Poland)
  • friendly connections: Falmouth, Cornwall (Great Britain)
  • Partnership with 4th company/LLUstgBtl 272 of the “Paratrooper-Barracks”(Fallschirmjäger-Kaserne), Seedorf
  • mayor: Detlev Fischer


The rigth location in the right place

rathausThe place was an ideal choice, even though the development of our region could not be foreseen in those early days. All the more reason to be grateful to the founding fathers of Bremervörde.

Situated between the waters of the rivers Elbe and Weser and the cities of Bremen and Hamburg, Bremervörde is the gateway to the Elbe-Weser triangle. There are many roads in and from every direction. You can even reach us by boat on the Oste, a tributary of the Elbe river, albeit as an amateur sailor.

The name of the town can be traced back to the 12th century. It originates from the old German word “ford”, later changed to “Vörde”, meaning crossing. Thus Bremervörde is the name of a place marking the only important crossing of the Oste river back then.

Today the town is attracting business enterprises and visitors alike with a variety of opportunities. Bremervörde is a state-recognized recreation resort, which gives added value to a promising location.

Bremervörde is embedded in a scenery of surprising richness. Historic and cultural places and the varied attractions and recreational activities are the unmistakable characteristics of our urban surroundings. But what makes Bremervörde really special is our greatest attraction: our people. They are welcoming, open-minded and easy to get along with.

Truly a town to get to know and love!


The city for you an me

FotoSeebuehneIBremervörde is a residential area, a shopping centre, a recreational resort, a place for art, culture and theatre. Everyone will view the town from a different angle. And you will be in for a pleasant surprise: parking lots free of charge! If you don’t find one at the first go you must have come on a very bad day indeed.

Take a stroll through the charming pedestrian zones with fountains and sculptures, rivulets and playgrounds, and a variety of shops where shopping and browsing is a pleasure. An old-established bakery, choice wines, jewellery and fine fashion. Rest and relax in one of our inviting restaurants or cafés. By the way, many shops and stores are managed by the proprietor. This ensures quality advice.

The cultural life has quality on show. See for yourself when you visit the exhibitions "Art along the Oste". The Dr. Marlene Trentwedel Foundation supports local artists, and is regularly awarding one of the highest art prizes in Lower Saxony.

Performances are not only staged in the Ratssaal of the town-hall. The open-air stage by the Vörder Lake is known beyond the city limits. Visitors from far and near are drawn to the concerts by national and international performers of rock and pop, classic, folk or jazz.

An undoubted highlight is the crowd-catching event of poet’s reading. The ever memorable Gerd Fröbe was here, as were Ephraim Kishon, Walter Kempowski and many, many more.

When will you visit?


A place for vacationers and visitors

Bremervörde is made for vacation. Many a tourist returns as a regular guest, again and again attracted because there is always something new to discover.

Here are some examples:

  • Biking and hiking trails
  • Caravan park
  • Diplomas (Moor Devil Diploma, Forest Diploma, Master Hunter Diploma)
  • Ferry Route
  • Horse-back riding
  • Moorexpress
  • Delphino - the swimming arena for the whole family with the big tubes children’s slide “BlueFlash”
  • Sights to see: Bachmann-Museum, Ancient monuments, Findorff settlements, Findorff tombstone, Historic Brickyard Pape, Holländer-Galerie-Windmill "Henriette", St. Liborius Church, Heilig-Kreuz Church, Granary, Museum Barn, Home house arrangement, Potable water educational trail...


The Nature and Theme Park ("Natur- und Erlebnispark")

sinneThe town’s green jewel. Within walking distance from the town centre. A large area of landscaped gardens and lawns close in on the Vörder Lake. Created in 1991 as part of a horticulture show staged by Lower Saxony. Honoured with several federal and state awards, among others for playgrounds and "the green classroom". Attractions: the world of senses, a unique experience of sensation.



More attractions:

  • Café Dunkel
  • House of the Forest
  • Eco-pyramid
  • several playgrounds
  • Sculpture meadow ("SkulpturenWiese")
  • The Egg (a large painted egg)


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Tourist Information Bremervörde
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27432 Bremervörde

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